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HypnoArt Workshop

New Dates TBA

The HypnoArt Workshop is designed for both creative types, and those who would like to engage their creative side. No art experience necessary. The purpose is to give your subconscious a voice through painting.
Since, the dawn of man, human beings have engaged in painting. The purpose of historic cave paintings is unknown, often times the caves are not easily accessible. It is thought to be for religious or ceremonial purposes. One, thing is for sure human beings are creative. From the discovery of fire to the electric stove, from the oral tradition to texting, from plant pigment to tempura to acrylics, Lascaux to the Sistine Chapel humans have a desire to create and discover.
This workshop focuses on letting go of the critical self talk, and embracing the colors, canvas or  paper. Letting loose and exploring the mesmerizing movement of the brush, the kinesthetic feel of the paint upon surface. Thea Pueschel, C.Ht. will guide you on a relaxation journey to connect with your creativity. Engaging the kinesthetic visualist in all participants.


Hazel Blue Studios
(Located behind Dave's Accordion School)
Entrance off of Hollydale
3058 1/2  Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039